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Reach promise, purpose and provision by means of therapy.
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With Favor & Grace Under Fire

FGUF is a therapy and consulting practice with the purpose of helping folks intentionally, and fervently, move through life’s transitions with Favor and Grace in order to reach promise, purpose and provision by means of therapy, speaking engagements and consulting!

Our Treatments

Individual Therapy

An individual session consists of one-on-one time with a therapist, to focus on individual needs and personal growth...

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy includes both partners, in any stage of the relationship, to address relational issues...

Family Therapy

A family session can include two or more family members in a session to explore the root cause of concerns...

Therapeutic Groups

Each group is tailored to address a specific concern (such as depression, grief, etc.) that is similarly shared between group members to provide a supportive environment.

Clinical Supervision

Licensed Associate Therapists receive clinical supervision from a board certified MFT who provides a supportive learning environment.

Consulting & Speaking Engagements

Investments for workshops, speaking engagements, clinical consultation ...

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Our Therapists

Change can come by choice or without notice. Therapy can help you create a plan that allows you to feel a sense of calm in your situation.

Ashlea (Taylor) Barber

MAS-LMFT, License Marriage & Family Therapist/Owner​

Krystal Paquette McBride

MAS-LAMFT, Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Miracle Williams

LAMFT, Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Samuel Mays

Behavioral Coach

Jacquie Pierce

LMSW, Licensed Master Social Worker

Erica McCullough

LAMFT, Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

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